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Thursday, October 6th, 2005

Subject:we're flat broke but hey we do it in style
Time:7:50 pm.
Mood: sick.
Good day. Isaac got his new climbing rope, so we went out to the woods and did some stupid stuff with it, which at one point had us both dangling from a giant blue pipe cause the force of me jumping off the cliff managed to yank Isaac into the air as well. Quite fun. -entry from Max's Xanga

Oh. My. God. My boyfriend is going to give me an ulcer, I swear.

bilboisntmyname: are you TRYING to give me an ulcer?!?!
Laughing Seer: lol hmm...yeah, i was wondering if i was gonna get that reaction
Laughing Seer: cause i already knew i was 20 feet in the air...so i wasn't that worried
Laughing Seer: and this isn't helping with the whole ulcer thing, is it
bilboisntmyname: NO
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

Subject:*lip curls*
Time:11:55 pm.
Mood: cynical.

Oh, God, do I love the irony. Wal-Mart, coming to the "rescue", giving out supplies to the same kind of people they employ and treat like raccoon shit. If you really wanted to fucking help out, how about paying your employees a decent salary, how about not tossing out sexual harassment cases, how about giving them a chance with a union?

OR how about just ceasing to exist? Hrm. I like that idea. Let's give it a try.
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Subject:when there's nowhere else to run is there room for one more son?
Time:10:11 pm.
Mood:hyper/horny this can't be good.
The Nats lost. AGAIN. Grrr. Grr. GRRR.

Another Tuesdays With Kylie moment.

bilboisntmyname: and Max Kellerman came back to the Situation last night!!!!
semicursedlife: my mom keeps saying how she had the biggest crush on the actor who plays ducky back in the day
bilboisntmyname: after three weeks of being away!!!
bilboisntmyname: AHAHAH YES MY MOM TOO
semicursedlife: oh
bilboisntmyname: he was back!!!
bilboisntmyname: I WAS SO HAPPY I SCREAMED
semicursedlife: yikes
bilboisntmyname: the lower half of my body was incredibly happy too
bilboisntmyname: mmm..
semicursedlife: TOO MUCH INFORMATION
bilboisntmyname: AHAHAH
semicursedlife: i will never think of the poor guy in the same way ever again
semicursedlife: between gay sex with tucker
semicursedlife: and alexandra's....um...yeah
bilboisntmyname: AHAHAHAH
bilboisntmyname: TuckerMeMax just like I liiikkkeeessss it
semicursedlife: ugh
semicursedlife: you sound like gollum right there
bilboisntmyname: ahahaha
semicursedlife: so now i have the image of TuckerGollumMax in my head
semicursedlife: thanks so much
bilboisntmyname: ...ick
bilboisntmyname: *cringe*
bilboisntmyname: HORRIBLE MENTAL IMAGE
semicursedlife: this is all your fault
semicursedlife: LOL
bilboisntmyname: gahgah! *claws at eyes*
semicursedlife: see what you've done?
semicursedlife: you've scarred everyone for life!
bilboisntmyname: ..
bilboisntmyname: Kylie
bilboisntmyname: in case you haven't noticed
bilboisntmyname: you're not everyone
semicursedlife: 'course i am
bilboisntmyname: ..right
bilboisntmyname: and I'm having sex with Tucker right now
semicursedlife: well, kylie agrees
semicursedlife: but not to that last one
bilboisntmyname: AUGH KYLIE
semicursedlife: tell me about it, i can't stand her
semicursedlife: who said anything about jeremy?
semicursedlife: besides, he can't type for shit
bilboisntmyname: ....
bilboisntmyname: BOTH OF THEM
semicursedlife: LOL
semicursedlife: i'm just kidding
semicursedlife: it's me
semicursedlife: just me
semicursedlife: AHAHAHA
semicursedlife: did i have you scared for a minute?
bilboisntmyname: it almost makes me stop talking about Tucker!sex
bilboisntmyname: YES
semicursedlife: LOL
bilboisntmyname: grr
bilboisntmyname: almost makes me want to never mention Tucker!sex again
semicursedlife: um
semicursedlife: okay
semicursedlife: fine by me
bilboisntmyname: HAH
semicursedlife: i walked right into that, didn't i ?
bilboisntmyname: yes
bilboisntmyname: I baited you with a Tucker bait
bilboisntmyname: ...wow I've got the strangest image in my head of a little Tucker on the end of a fishing line
semicursedlife: ...
semicursedlife: just like a worm
bilboisntmyname: NMFKmgk;hmkg;ljdg
semicursedlife: and YOU walked right into that one
bilboisntmyname: little Tucker...heh heh heh ^.^
bilboisntmyname: mmm I'd like to walk into that
bilboisntmyname: O.o
bilboisntmyname: is this me speaking?
semicursedlife: well i really hope it's not your mother
semicursedlife: or the dog
bilboisntmyname: ew
semicursedlife: yes
bilboisntmyname: sicko
bilboisntmyname: this whole Tucker infatuation's been getting worse since I joined the group
semicursedlife: support group or orgies?
bilboisntmyname: ....
bilboisntmyname: the Tucker group
semicursedlife: ...
bilboisntmyname: mm but now that you mention it orgies, yumm
bilboisntmyname: TUCKER ORGIES
semicursedlife: Nuts For Tucker ?
bilboisntmyname: kinda like that
semicursedlife: >.<
bilboisntmyname: we all love Tucker
bilboisntmyname: so I can be with people who understand me
semicursedlife: i don't judge you
semicursedlife: i make fun of you
bilboisntmyname: >.<
semicursedlife: there's a difference
bilboisntmyname: well...NO
bilboisntmyname: I say there's not
bilboisntmyname: Tucker says there's not
semicursedlife: yeah, see, this is the point where it crosses from "infatuation" into "insanity"
bilboisntmyname: oh it's already crossed a while ago
semicursedlife: i mean, when you start talking like he's sitting next to you
semicursedlife: or like he's your imaginary friend
semicursedlife: "bob doesn't LIKE pickles!"
bilboisntmyname: !!!
bilboisntmyname: HE IS SITTING NEXT TO ME!!
semicursedlife: god save us all
bilboisntmyname: Tucker doesn't like your tone
bilboisntmyname: he says you need a spanking
semicursedlife: O.o
semicursedlife: i'm sorry, that's reserved for Davey only
bilboisntmyname: ...and you DON'T act like you have an imaginary friend too?
semicursedlife: i'm sorry, i don't make up likes and dislikes for him
semicursedlife: nor do i quote him randomly
bilboisntmyname: ...do I quote Tucker randomly?
semicursedlife: yes
bilboisntmyname: WHEN
bilboisntmyname: SITE SPECIFIC TIMES
semicursedlife: bilboisntmyname: I say there's not

bilboisntmyname: Tucker says there's not
bilboisntmyname: um
semicursedlife: THERE
bilboisntmyname: no I mean like actual quotes
semicursedlife: oh, you mean the Real Tucker
bilboisntmyname: ...HE IS THE REAL TUCKER
bilboisntmyname: *starts rapping* will the real Tucker please stand up?? *bobs head*
semicursedlife: is he talking to you know?
semicursedlife: *now
bilboisntmyname: he's sending me ESP messages
semicursedlife: oh joy

Oh Valar, I love to freak the hell out of this one.
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Monday, September 19th, 2005

Subject:i'm diving in the deep end and you become my best friend
Time:7:24 am.
Mood: thirsty.
I've forgotten how much I love this song.

you and me
are floating on a tidal wave

I don't really see how one could 'float' on a tidal wave but whatever. It's a good song. In fact, I think I'll listen to it again.

The nights are getting really hard for Tanu. Her Max (let's not confuse the two Maxs here, one happens to be mine and really sweet/funny/intellectual and the other happens to be a sleazy slimeball) dumped her Saturday night saying that he couldn't be with her since "she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life" and that "she wouldn't stand up to her parents". First of all, WHAT THE HELL. No one at the age of eighteen knows what they want to do with their life! Secondly, standing up to her parents? I've been friends with Tanu for nearly seven years now, I get it that it's a totally different culture in her household. Yeah, sure, it's completely unfair that at eighteen, her parents still won't let her go to the college of her choice or even have a dorm on campus at UMBC (which is literally like a half an hour away from their house) but it's not really something we can intrude on. If Asshole Max doesn't get that by now, well damn. Frankly, this whole thing was just a lame excuse for the fact that he doesn't want to have a long distance relationship. What a fucking knee biter. I hope he walks into an open sewer hole and gets dry humped to death by a bunch of randy overgrown New York sewer alligators.

...okay. So that was a bit odd but compared to what Becca and I have been planning to do to him for the past few days or so, can't be too weird. We came up with the idea of just neutering the little fucker.

bilboisntmyname: so I'll look up shady vets in NY
Radiofan316: excellent
bilboisntmyname: cause honestly who's gonna care if the vet takes off more than his balls?
bilboisntmyname: not us that's for sure
Radiofan316: hahhahah
Radiofan316: definitely not us
bilboisntmyname: ahahahahah yeah really

Wowsy, I'm talkative tonight. My blog's been on the fritz for way too long...I've been itching to really get REAL things out but with no luck in the internet cookies and blogger departments. I'm just afraid to say a lot more lest I really upset Tanu. And she's already plenty upset thanks to that rat bastard.

Meanwhile...the protest is coming up, this Saturday. Barrie, you on board? It'd be awesome to have you...we should make t-shirts that say 'The Tucker Brigade!' or something to distinguish us from the rest of the crowd. Something that'll really make Kylie scream.

'Out of Practice' premiered tonight on CBS, too bad it sucked mostly. Christopher Gorham is on it and from 'Medical Investigation' which I was into heavily last year with Heather and he's soooo cute/hot but I doubt the show'll live for a long while. Too, too bad.

I find it disturbing that I can only drink either bottled water or water with ice cubes or lemon in it. Picky.

AND...Max Kellerman came back to 'The Situation' tonight. Huzzah for huge miracles.
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Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Subject:there's a threat of rain on the dark horizon and all that's left is a quarter moon of light
Time:10:07 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
I love Whole Foods.

...mgmhgmmffg. Sleepy. Ever so.
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Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Subject:fgfdmkhl;fhj dfjlfgmkdrktjrioyurtwogjhjkdfkgmkldsmhs
Time:9:42 pm.
Mood: relaxed.

MAX IS GETTING US TICKETS TO GO SEE 'WICKED'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*goes into mind orgasm and dies*

And...didn't get the job. Ian didn't realize how long I'd be gone for and hired another bint. Was frustrated but decided that this might be better because now I get to the do DC's Citizen Foresters thing. I told Becca I'd be hiding in the trees, waiting for unsuspecting litter bugs and she said I'd need a yell if I was to swoop out on a vine. We both decided "TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" would be best. Simple, short, effective.
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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Subject:and if it takes shit to feel bliss well then i feel pretty blissfully
Time:11:14 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Tuesdays with Kylie.

bilboisntmyname: Tucker might not wear the bow tie tonight
semicursedlife: it's 10:53
semicursedlife: that's nice
bilboisntmyname: so it'll be a rather important occasion
semicursedlife: ...
semicursedlife: yeah, he might actually look like he wasn't dressed by a circus performer
bilboisntmyname: !!!!!
bilboisntmyname: LOOK BITCH
bilboisntmyname: I LOVES ME SOME TUCKER
semicursedlife: ahaha
bilboisntmyname: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
semicursedlife: i'm sorry...but i'd be lying
bilboisntmyname: fgdnmhkfsh
semicursedlife: it looks like he dresses just to give people migraines
semicursedlife: i mean, a bowtie is bad enough
bilboisntmyname: maybe that's the point
bilboisntmyname: to be ORIGINAL
semicursedlife: a polka dotted one is worse
bilboisntmyname: and not part of the herd
bilboisntmyname: ...you don't watch him
bilboisntmyname: how would you know
bilboisntmyname: about the polka dotted ones
semicursedlife: but a CLASHING polka dotted bow tie?
bilboisntmyname: oh
bilboisntmyname: yeah
bilboisntmyname: um
bilboisntmyname: SEE
bilboisntmyname: you will soon have a Tucker fetish as well
semicursedlife: oh god no
bilboisntmyname: and will drool madly at any pictures of bow ties
bilboisntmyname: oh yes
semicursedlife: i'm telling you, i like my boys with lots of eyeliner
semicursedlife: and a bit disturbed
bilboisntmyname: Tucker wears eyeliner
bilboisntmyname: and who says he's NOT disturbed
bilboisntmyname: I mean honestly
semicursedlife: but NOT tucker
bilboisntmyname: uh huh
bilboisntmyname: that's what you say NOW
semicursedlife: *snort*
semicursedlife: NEVER
bilboisntmyname: but soon I'll catch you getting off to a picture of him
semicursedlife: i think you're confusing me with vanessa
semicursedlife: davey and i are perfectly happy together
semicursedlife: it's eleven
bilboisntmyname: yar
bilboisntmyname: hopld on
semicursedlife: ...
bilboisntmyname: OMG
bilboisntmyname: HE'S NOT WEARUNG THE BOW TIE
bilboisntmyname: OMG
bilboisntmyname: *drooooooooooool*
semicursedlife: oh go hump heather
bilboisntmyname: she's asleep
semicursedlife: damn
semicursedlife: that's rough
bilboisntmyname: It's either you or the tv screen
semicursedlife: don't come to me with your sexual frustrations
bilboisntmyname: gahh

Or, rather, Thursday nights with Kylie. Poor thing.
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Subject:well you know november has come when it's gone away
Time:1:46 pm.
Mood: blank.
Pink. I don't know why I chose pink.

So after a month or two of barrie3 telling me to get an LJ so I could talk to other Tucker lovers...ta da. But honestly...I already have a DJ along with a (sekkrit) blog so...yar. Let's just end it there.
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